Welcome, I am Charlie the Prophet and I want to leave this world better than I found it. My vision and dream is to create a united, “Beloved Community”. A place where everyone can be seen, known, loved and has the tools they need to live into their purpose.

For me, the “Beloved Community” is not a hypothetical dream, but a real, living thing that we can build together. I do that through three main practices:

Seeing the people and world around me,Loving them based on that knowledge. (2)

Photography helps me see– they are mindful practices that helps me see what is there, not what I imagine.

Books help me learn– reading is a humbling practice that helps me grow, acknowledge my bias and listen to other people’s thoughts, facts, and points of view.

Culture helps me love– a spiritual practice that helps me connect with people, God, and the world around me in ways that ultimately leave us all better for it.

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